Great investing advice makes everyone shine.

Explore the elements of great investing advice with Morningstar CEO Kunal Kapoor.

Great investing advice means understanding investors’ hopes, dreams, and ideals to find out what really matters. It doesn’t just focus on the finish line—it focuses on the journey. Morningstar has been empowering investor success since 1984, and we’ve seen firsthand how great advice can help people reach their goals.

How we empower investors through 


We’re independent thinkers.

Details matter when it comes to investment decisions. That’s why our fiercely independent analysts ask the tough questions. We look at investments with unshakeable standards, and we call it like we see it.

We’re driven to deliver high-quality data.

Comprehensive and timely data fuels our research. Our global database is one of the largest, but the real power is in the standards we apply to ensuring its quality.

We simplify complexity.

People don’t just want financial information—they need to be able to understand it. We use elegant design to communicate complicated ideas.

We’re building a brighter future for investors.

We tirelessly pursue new ways to combine our data and research with design and technology to help solve investors’ problems. Our solutions pave the way for investors to reach their goals with confidence.

Just in at Morningstar

ESG Investing

Continuing our investment in sustainability

哪里玩赛车微信群We’ve fully acquired Sustainalytics—a globally recognized leader in environmental, social, and governance ratings and research—to help fast-track our ability to get independent, sustainable investing analytics in the hands of all investors.

Solutions for advisors

Financial planning, evolved

哪里玩赛车微信群With our acquisitions of both AdviserLogic and PlanPlus Global, we’ve expanded and elevated our financial planning solutions to support advisors across the globe.


Unpacking fund fees

We dive deep into the latest trends in fund fees and the forces shaping them with our annual U.S. fund fee study.

How can we work together?

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